Custom Screen Printing

We take one of our solid colored cans and put your single or multi-color spot logo or artwork on the lid or can. Great option for corporate gifts, favors, promotions, invitations, special events and more!

    LOW MINIMUMS!                                        

    • 24 cans LID print
    • 96 cans for BODY print

    AVAILABLE IN 3 SIZES!                      

    • 1 gallon                                          
    • 2 gallon
    • 3.5 gallon

    CHOOSE FROM 4 COLORS!                      

    • Red
    • White
    • Platinum
    • Gold


    PLEASE NOTE: Orders typically take 2 - 3 weeks to process.  Longer processing times may occur during peak times (October - December). EPS or Adobe Illustrator file is preferred for best print quality. Fill out info below to get started!